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Covid 19 Update

Kia Ora NZ! Covid 19 update! We are currently operating and our clinics are all appointment based. If you’re feeling unwell, we ask that you please stay home at this time. If you have a fever or a cough, we recommend contacting your GP. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has resources on Covid -19:

Orthotic for your posture: Can they really help?

While  orthotics are traditionally designed to help manage injuries to the feet and legs and do so effectively, they are now becoming a commonplace solution in helping general posture and are being distributed by multiple disciplines and retail stores alike. But is there any merit to this practice? Absolutely – orthotics alter the alignment of the […]

Worried about your kids feet? Get them checked if you notice these signs!

From the moment they take their first step, we watch as our kids gain confidence, strength andstability as they learn to walk, run and play effectively. Their feet grow and change – but how doyou tell between what’s normal and what could be a sign that there’s something wrong orsomething we can help them with? […]