New patients / Initial consultation:                        $75

Follow Up Consultation:                                            $70

Full Biomechanical Assessment:                             $90 – $120

Home Visits from:                                                        $110 

Orthotics: Adults

  • Prefabricated:                                                          $160
  • Fully Customised Orthotic from :                        $500

Orthotics: Kids

  • Prefabricated                                                          $160 
  • Fully Customised Orthotic from :                       $400

Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery:

  • One toe $450 includes two dressing change
  • Two toes $750 includes two dressing change

Vascular Assessment                                                $150

To schedule an appointment with our senior Podiatrist Sarah Saadat at either Papakura or Hauraki Clinics please call 0800 366836 or 02109120799. 
This Initial consulation is $150 – 30minutes and follow up consulation is $120 -30 minutes
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We are firm believers in preventative care, the longer you leave that niggling back pain or don’t treat a fungal infection; the worse it’s going to get over time. Often most issues can be resolved with a single consultation with little to no follow up needed. We specialize in treating a wide variety of age groups and issues, from children to high performance athletes and the elderly.

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