What is Hip Pain?

The hip joints connect our legs to our pelvis, and subsequently transfer a lot of motion up the rest of the body.  If the mechanical function of our feet is unstable or incorrect, then it is quite possible that the hips may suffer as a result of this abnormal motion.

What causes Hip Pain?

As with most injuries or pain, the cause can either be an acute injury, where the pain will appear suddenly, or an overuse injury where the pain will gradually worsen with time.

As podiatrists we generally deal with the overuse injuries, because these are very often due to abnormal foot biomechanics.

One common overuse injury of the hip is greater trochanteric bursitis.

Greater Trochanteric Bursitis

The greater torchanter is a bony structure located within the hip joint and associated bursa. A bursa is a fluid–filled sac that helps lubricate the joint. This bursa can become inflamed and painful due to unusual stresses placed through the joint. The tendons around the area may also become involved.

How to treat Hip Pain?

The cause of most hip conditions is usually an unstable or poorly aligned pelvis, and therefore treatment often involves:

  • Orthotic therapy to stabilise the motion of the feet, legs and pelvis.
  • Rest, stretching and strengthening exercises may be needed.
  • Visiting a chiropractor or physiotherapist may also be necessary.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone may be considered.