What is Feet Aching?

When you feet hurt, you hurt all over because your feet are the base of your entire bone structure. Foot problems can cause pain in your knees and back and lead to overall discomfort when standing or walking. Your feet do a lot of hard work and take a lot of punishment.

The foot is a very complex part of your body. Your foot has 26 separate bones held in position by dozens of ligaments, tendons and muscles. The bones and muscles form flexible arches that support the weight of your body. As you raise your foot to take a step, joints lock so you have the leverage to push your body forward. When you lower your foot to the ground, the joints unlock. This locking and unlocking of the joints allows you to walk on any surface, whether it be sandy beach, golf course or concrete sidewalk. Your foot is an amazing shock absorber, it protects the rest of your foot from shock every time you take a step

Fact: The average person takes 5000 to 8000 steps each day!

Your feet support your entire weight. The slightest misalignment of muscles and bones can cause many different problems.

Your feet function like the front end of your car.

  • When your car’s out of alignment…
  • The tyres wear out quicker
  • Uneven stress is placed on the frame
  • The steering wheel begins to shake
  • Soon the car functions so badly, you can’t drive it

A misaligned foot does the same thing

  • Pressure develops and trouble starts immediately.
  • Bones move against bones
  • Ligaments become stretched
  • Soon the entire body is faulty….

The symptoms of faulty foot function may include:

  • Aching feet
  • Heel pain
  • Claw toes
  • Corns and callous
  • Bunions
  • Pain in the legs and knees
  • Hip, back & neck pain

How to treat Aching Feet?

Your foot care specialist can prescribe a medical device, called an orthotic, to help solve your foot problems. Orthotics are prescription appliances that can be compared to eyeglasses. Just as the eye doctor can improve your vision with corrective lenses, your foot care specialist can improve your walking with orthotics. Orthotics are only made by prescription and designed for your particular foot problem.