What causes Smelly Feet?

Foot odour results from excessive activity of certain germs which live on our bodies. The problem is that your feet tend to live in a dark, warm, moist environment. The germs that thrive in these conditions break down the perspiration on the skin and produces the aroma that you know as smelly feet.

What can I do to fix the situation?

To fix the problem of foot odour we need to take care of the cause of the problem, which is due to the germs which grow uncontrollably and the excessive perspiration. There are several ways of doing this. Some over the counter products from your pharmacy will help but in severe cases you will need to consult your Podiatrist.

Your podiatrist can help you control smelly feet for good. Contact the Auckland Podiatry Clinic for further information on treatment.

Does my footwear make a difference?

Shoes most certainly have an effect on the degree of foot odour. Avoid any synthetic materials in the upper and lining of dress shoes.

Sports shoes are mainly synthetic but are designed to allow air flow around the foot. This is something that cannot be avoided as most people will wear sports shoes to some degree.

It is useful to rotate shoes on a daily basis so you can avoid wearing the same shoe every day. Allow one pair of shoes to air while you wear another pair. This will help to eliminate foot odour.

Is the sock material important?

The material that socks are made of is very important in reducing foot odour. The natural fibres such as wool and cotton are more suited for controlling foot odour. Any socks containing synthetic material such as polyesters, nylons etc. will retain moisture around the foot and therefore encourage foot odour to become more noticeable.

When you are buying your socks, look for pure wool or cotton socks. As this is difficult to achieve, a greater than 80% blend of natural fibres is recommended. Ask your podiatrist about the Humphrey Law range of socks.